Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Best Days Are Ahead of Me

Thanks, Jenn Elkin, for brightening up my day--and my next decade--by sharing with me today this great song/music video by Danny Gokey.  I consider it an early birthday present.  So Thank You Very Much!



Sunday, February 14, 2010

We're All Swimming to the Other Side

Today, I'd like to share Swimming to the Other Side, a simple but profoundly inspirational song written by Pat Humphries.

Below, you can hear this song performed by David Grover and The Big Bear Band.  On this group's website, they describe their music as follows:

Original and Traditional music for kids of all ages. We call it folk music, but the influences behind the music are the performers and writers we love. It's Pete Seeger and the Beach Boys … it's the Beatles … and Harry Belafonte. Paul Simon and Kermit the Frog. It's Broadway and the Carpenters, Peter Paul and Mary and the Grateful Dead. And it's Woody Guthrie and Martin Luther King. It's folk music of the 21st century. It's real people playing real instruments playing songs we love, to people we love.

Through the wonders of the I-net and other global communication technologies, we can now see first-hand that millions of people riding this rock understand and live by the words in this beautiful song (complete lyrics below).


Biz Burnett

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Swimming to the Other Side   written by Pat Humphries
performed by David Grover and The Big Bear Band

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Swimming to the Other Side  Lyrics
We are living ‘neath the great Big Dipper
We are washed by the very same rain
We are swimming in the stream together
Some in power and some in pain
We can worship this ground we walk on
Cherishing the beings that we live beside
Loving spirits will live forever
We’re all swimming to the other side

I am alone and I am searching
Hungering for answers in my time
I am balanced at the brink of wisdom
I’m impatient to receive a sign
I move forward with my senses open
Imperfection, it be my crime
In humility I will listen
We’re all swimming to the other side

On this journey through thoughts and feelings
Binding intuition, my head, my heart
I am gathering the tools together
I’m preparing to do my part
All of those who have come before me
Band together and be my guide
Loving lessons that I will follow
We’re all swimming to the other side

When we get there we will discover
All the gifts we’ve been given to share
Have been with us since life’s beginning
And we never noticed they were there
We can balance at the brink of wisdom
Never recognizing that we’ve arrived
Loving spirits will live together
We’re all swimming to the other side.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What A Wonderful World

It's a challenge to keep in mind how beautiful and safe we are on this planet when news reports show us mostly scenes of natural disasters and hateful local and international acts. This is where we get to exercise our gift of free will.  In every second of every day, we have the choice to hold in our minds--and anchor with our hearts--the vision of peace and serenity we say we want to experience individually and collectively here.  Yes, many are truly suffering from the lack of what we all want and deserve.  But at least 51% of us are always happy and healthy.  If that were not true, this planet would have self-destructed by now.  When too many of us believe that the cup is half empty and it will certainly never be running over, we unwittingly tip the scales to our individual and global disadvantage.

When I start feeling 50/50 or worse, I listen to some music, and soon "all is right with the world" again (i.e., +51 or more).  My music-refreshed self can again see, hear, and feel what a WONDERful world this is.  Louis Armstrong's classic song What A Wonderful World as the soundtrack for the short and uplifting video below is my kind of medicine!  And offering such a cure was the intention of this video's creator, Geneticc.  Thanks!


sung by Louis Armstrong      (video by Geneticc)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Do You Believe in Magic?

Yesterday while talking with my brother Tom, he got a little tongue-tied and said, "...he's a magician -- er, I  mean, he's a musician...."  I interrupted him and said, "Yes indeed!  Anyone who's a musician is definitely also a magician!"  We laughed.

This got me remembering one of my favorite songs from the '60s:  Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful.  Below, I link to a full-color video of that group performing that song live on The Ed Sullivan Show on March 19, 1967.  Lyrics are below the link to that video.

Wikipedia says this song has been enJOYing successive generations, including being recorded by BBMak for the score of Return to Never Land, a sequel to Disney's 1953 classic Peter Pan. (one of my FAVORITE childhood stories).  And it was ranked #216 on Rolling Stone's (November 2004) list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

My brother's linguistic "mix up" is just one more clue in our quest to solve the mystery of life.  It's not a meaningless coincidence that our words for magic and music are so similar.  (I wonder if that's true in other languages.)  It's intentional languaging, like Hansel and Gretel left pebbles for themselves to find their way back home when in the forest.  But the day they didn't have time to collect some pebbles and had to use bread crumbs instead (which the birds happily ate), Hansel and Gretel couldn't find their way home, and ended up caged inside a wicked old woman's house.  (The symbolism in that fable is a topic for another post entirely!)

May the magic of music enJOY you and set you free!  (Complete lyrics below.)

The Lovin' Spoonful performing
Do You Believe In Magic  in 1965 on the Hullabaloo show.


Do You Believe in Magic lyrics
Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart
How the music can free her, whenever it starts
And it's magic, if the music is groovy
It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie
I'll tell you about the magic, and it'll free your soul
But it's like trying to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll

If you believe in magic don't bother to choose
If it's jug band music or rhythm and blues
Just go and listen it'll start with a smile
It won't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try
Your feet start tapping and you can't seem to find
How you got there, so just blow your mind

If you believe in magic, come along with me
We'll dance until morning 'til there's just you and me
And maybe, if the music is right
I'll meet you tomorrow, sort of late at night
And we'll go dancing, baby, then you'll see
How the magic's in the music and the music's in me

Yeah, do you believe in magic
Yeah, believe in the magic of a young girl's soul
Believe in the magic of rock and roll
Believe in the magic that can set you free
Ohh, talking 'bout magic

Do you believe like I believe Do you believe in magic
Do you believe like I believe Do you believe, believer
Do you believe like I believe Do you believe in magic

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Power of One

May the HAITI earthquake be the what finally ends HATE among the clans on this planet.  May this be the last labor contraction in birthing the "thousand years of peace" on this beautiful planet.  (Don't worry:  If we can all live in total peace for a thousand years, there will be no going back!)  May this indescribable grief and desperation be quickly balanced and then totally transformed by a bizillion acts of kindness and generosity from all who understand that, as President Obama reminded us yesterday, "There but for the grace of God go we."  May this and all crises past and future help us remember The Power of One.

EnJoy watching and hearing Bomshel sing The Power of One below!

To listen, click on the >(PLAY) symbol.

The Power of One by Bomshel

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listen To The Music

Today, I'm sharing Listen To The Music by The Doobie Brothers.  The lyrics are below the 1975 (!) music video.  I hope you'll sing along!

I'm also introducing my new e-sig icon.  I think it perfectly depicts how music uses our ears to paint a rainbow in our heart!

Rainbows are one of my favorite natural phenomena.  This rainbow icon will help me remember that I don't need to wait for an intense rainstorm--physical (rain, thunder, and lightnening) or metaphysical (life stress or a crisis) to get my hopes up of seeing a rainbow.

Music enables me to consciously and proactively change the weather in my life, to end a cloudy day or tumultuous storm, and instead "see" (hear --> feel) a rainbow ANYtime I want to.  Rainbows aren't pointing the way to a pot of gold. They ARE the pot of gold!


Biz Burnett

Lyrics of Listen To The Music  by The Doobie Brothers
Don't you feel it growin',
Day by day
Gettin' ready for the news
Some are happy,
Some are sad
Wo, we got to let the music play
Wo, oh yeah

What the people need
Is a way to make 'em smile
It ain't so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message
Get it on through
Oh now mama's goin' to after awhile

Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

Well I know,
You know better
Everything I say
Meet me in the country for a day
We'll be happy
And we'll dance
Wo, we're gonna dance the blues away

If I'm feelin' good to you
And you're feelin' good to me
There ain't nothin' we can't do or say
Feelin' good,
Feeling fine
Wo, baby, let the music play

Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

Like a lazy flowing river
Surrounding castles in the sky
And the crowd is growing bigger
List'nin' for the happy sounds
And I got to let ‘em fly

Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
Wo, oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time
God, we gotta let the music play!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feel The Music describes Ray Stevens as "a two-time Grammy-Award winning musician, singer, composer, producer, and arranger.  He's probably most well-known for his comedy recordings and his music videos, although his biggest chart hit was "Everything Is Beautiful", the gospel song he wrote and performed. This song won him a Grammy (his other was for best arranger of "Misty").  I think Ray Stevens is one of the most creative songwriters of our time.

Here's Ray singing Feel The Music.  I wonder if he might agree with me that this song is a "sub-track" in all of his songs?


Biz Burnett

Feel The Music  by  Ray Stevens