Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Healing + Doctor Tunes

A few years ago, I created a Healing & Doctor mix CD as a birthday gift for my son-in-law, an M.D. (Internist). I'm posting those tunes here now so I can gift them to my sister and a dear friend, both of whom are recuperating from their respective recent successful surgery.

Seems like every time I listen to these tunes--even if I "have time" for only one or two of them--their vibes are extra-restorative. Maybe that's due to how much music makes me smile. Music feels like a "quiet cousin" of laughing, which Norman Cousins proved is the best medicine there is.

Ending this mix with Jerry Seinfeld's hilarious "The Doctor's Waiting Room" routine seems most appropriate especially because I strive daily to earn the reward already earned by one of the two folks to whom I'm dedicating this post. He is well-known for his extraordinary sense of humor and ability to get people laughing, to the extent that a mutual friend of ours gifted him awhile back with a small plaque that says: He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh. (Anonymous)

A speedy and full recovery to all who are healing or who are praying for healing to begin!


Biz Burnett

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01  "Christ As A Light (Prayer of St. Patrick)"
by John Michael Talbot

02  "Cool Doctor"
by Brothers 3

03  "Healing Hands"
by Marc Cohn

04  "The Doctor"
by Fattburger

05  "Healing Hands"
by Sonya Isaacs

06  "The Doctor"
by The Doobie Brothers

07  "Healing The Heart"
by Clare Connors

08  "Healing Hands"
by Elton John

09  "Healing Space"
by John Balint

10  "Feel Better"
by The Nadas

11  "The Healing Wheel"
by Llewellyn

12  "The Doctor"
by Four Babes

13  "Just Feel Better"
by Santana

14  "Doctor Jesus"
by Randy Travis

15  "Doctor My Eyes"
Jackson Browne

16  "The Doctor's Waiting Room"
Jerry Seinfeld