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Biz Burnett

2012-10-25 Amazing Kites Ballet  "Flower Duet" from Lakmé by Léo Delibes
   Ray Bethell, Kites "Choreographer"
   Monte Carlo National Opera Orchestra
2012-03-30 Jackie Evancho Invites Us All
'To Believe'
To Believe
   Jackie Evancho
2012-02-15 Healing + Doctor Tunes Christ As A Light (Prayer of St Patrick)
   John Michael Talbot
Cool Doctor
   Brothers 3
Healing Hands
   Marc Cohn
The Doctor
Healing Hands
Sonya Isaacs
The Doctor
Doobie Brothers
Healing The Heart
Clare Connors
Healing Hands
Elton John
Healing Space
John Balint
Feel Better
The Nadas
The Healing Wheel
The Doctor
     Four Babes
Just Feel Better
Doctor Jesus
Randy Travis
Doctor My Eyes
Jackson Browne
The Doctor's Waiting Room
Jerry Seinfeld
2012-01-28 Louie Schwartzberg on
'How to Have a Good Day'
(instrumental soundtrack to Louie's short film on Gratitude and Happiness)
   Gary Malkin
2012-01-27 ThoughtPrint(tm) and
Love Can Build A Bridge
Love Can Build a Bridge
   The Judds
2012-01-16 Thank you,
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ebony and Ivory
   Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney
Black Man
   Stevie Wonder
2012-01-12 Beth Nielsen Chapman is Right!
"Life Holds On"
Life Holds On
   Beth Nielsen Chapman
2010-07-29 My Best Days Are Ahead of Me My Best Days Are Ahead of Me
   Danny Gokey  (video)
2010-02-14 We're All Swimming to the Other Side Swimming to the Other Side
   David Grover and The Big Bear Band
2010-01-21 What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World
   Louis Armstrong  (video)
2010-01-17 Do You Believe in Magic? Do You Believe in Magic
   The Lovin' Spoonful
2010-01-15 The Power of One The Power of One
2010-01-12 Listen To The Music Listen To The Music
   The Doobie Brothers
2010-01-11 Feel the Music Feel the Music
   Ray Stevens
2009-12-20 A Belated Thanksgiving-related Post I Say the Grace
   Victoria Shaw
2009-12-20 It's the Thought That Counts...Indeed! It's the Thought
   Twila Paris
2009-12-20 Let's Spread A Lttle Love Around Spread a Little Love Around
   Ricky Skaggs
2008-06-14 I'm SO Grateful for Music! Thank You for the Music
2007-12-04 Introducing Eric DeGray! [video and 6-song audio playlist]
   Eric DeGray
2007-10-01 Welcome to my 'Musical Minutes' blog! Add Some Music to Your Day
   Kate Campbell

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