Sunday, December 20, 2009

A belated Thanksgiving-related post

It's never too late to act Thanksgiving-y, and so I'll do that here and now by sharing I Say the Grace by Victoria Shaw.  This song reminds me of how blessed I am to be married to my best friend, and how well we complement each other.  It also reminds me of my "we go way back" friend, Nicki, whose friendship helps make my life even more complete.

If I could give everyone in the world (or even just one person, and that would be Nicki) a gift this Christmas, it would be the gift of their perfect soulmate.  Life with one's soulmate is not only more fun, it helps answer Life's #1 Question:  Why Am I Here?


I Say the Grace by Victoria Shaw

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It's the Thought That Counts...Indeed!

Many people around the world are scurrying to finish their Christmas gift shopping this weekend.  This inspires me to share It's The Thought by Twila Paris because I think it conveys the ultimate meaning of Christmas. Regardless of your religious beliefs and in every minute of every day, it's ALWAYS the thought of LOVE that counts.

I wish to all who land here a life that feels like Christmas every day!

It's The Thought
by Twila Paris

Let's Spread A Lttle Love Around

I haven't posted here for quite awhile because after Yahoo! discontinued their Music Unlimited online music subscription, I didn't find a replacement subscription until about a month ago, when I joined Napster. I'm back on soundtrack, and it feels very good!

Posting on this blog is like free (and much-needed!) therapy for me.  I have several songs that I want to post here, starting with...

...Ricky Skagg's Spread a Little Love Around.  This song pretty much summarizes the way I try to live my life.  I think the world would more enjoyable if everyone on the planet would agree to listen to this song at least once a day.  (In my dreams!) 


(Lyrics are below)

Lyrics of Spread a Little Love Around by Ricky Skaggs

Sometimes this crazy world can make us all feel bad
I sit and watch the news and just get mad
We need to stop and smell the roses in the ground
So get out today, and spread a little love around

Talk to a neighbor, volunteer a favor
Help out a stranger when his car's broke down
Give your wife a kissin', when your kids talk, listen
It makes a lovely sound, spread a little love around

You know it don't take much to make somebody's day
A kind word or tender touch goes a long way
We can change the whole world if we start in our hometown
So get out today, and spread a little love around

Tell your mom you love her, bear hug your brother
Treat your sister to a night out on the town
Throw the ball for Rover, wrestle in the clover
Put a smile on that old hound, spread a little love around

Slap your momma's fanny, tickle on old granny
Dance with the kids and act just like a clown
A little tiny kiss and hug, everybody needs that stuff
Turn a frown upside down, spread a little love around
When this world gets you down, spread a little love around