Thursday, January 21, 2010

What A Wonderful World

It's a challenge to keep in mind how beautiful and safe we are on this planet when news reports show us mostly scenes of natural disasters and hateful local and international acts. This is where we get to exercise our gift of free will.  In every second of every day, we have the choice to hold in our minds--and anchor with our hearts--the vision of peace and serenity we say we want to experience individually and collectively here.  Yes, many are truly suffering from the lack of what we all want and deserve.  But at least 51% of us are always happy and healthy.  If that were not true, this planet would have self-destructed by now.  When too many of us believe that the cup is half empty and it will certainly never be running over, we unwittingly tip the scales to our individual and global disadvantage.

When I start feeling 50/50 or worse, I listen to some music, and soon "all is right with the world" again (i.e., +51 or more).  My music-refreshed self can again see, hear, and feel what a WONDERful world this is.  Louis Armstrong's classic song What A Wonderful World as the soundtrack for the short and uplifting video below is my kind of medicine!  And offering such a cure was the intention of this video's creator, Geneticc.  Thanks!


sung by Louis Armstrong      (video by Geneticc)

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